Saturday, 17 October 2015

I've posted before Here how much Jess enjoys watching Strictly Come Dancing. Well, autumn has arrived, the nights are drawing in and Strictly is back. Jess, Anna and I all had early baths or showers, put our pyjamas on and snuggled up on the sofa to watch.

As always, Jess loved it!!!


  1. What gorgeous photos of her! XX

  2. Lovely pictures of Jess. How is everything else so far? As for T, teething grinding and now, hyperventilating. Does Jess HV? Anything that will help? Hugs, Ping

    1. Hi, sorry I've not published your comment before now- I've not been on my blog for a few days as everything went a bit crazy with Jess! Are you on Facebook? My user name is Liz Jess.

    2. Hi Liz, no worries. I've searched for your name but didn't come up. Here's mine: Keonoi Ping MacLean
      see you there!

  3. :-))) she is sooo funny ;-) Lovely to see her so engaged!!!


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