Saturday, 17 October 2015

I've posted before Here how much Jess enjoys watching Strictly Come Dancing. Well, autumn has arrived, the nights are drawing in and Strictly is back. Jess, Anna and I all had early baths or showers, put our pyjamas on and snuggled up on the sofa to watch.

As always, Jess loved it!!!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Good Friend

I blogged here about our friend Sam, who raised an amazing £1055.09 for Rett UK.

We met her originally when she came to work with Jess in her role as a carer. However, she very quickly became like a member of our family and, as well as carrying on working with Jess, also came to family events like birthday parties.

Sam loves Jess, and the feeling is mutual. Sam completely understands Jess, and genuinely enjoys her company and chooses to spend time with her. Equally, I fully trust Sam to look after Jess, and value her opinions and input.

So when Sam said she was leaving the UK to work abroad (in Hawaii, no less!!) and then to go travelling, we had mixed emotions. We are very happy for her, but sorry to be saying goodbye (for a few years at least) to someone who has played such a big part in our lives.

Sam spent three weeks with us over the summer holidays, which I blogged about here helping me to look after the two girls, before she left for her new adventures. It was very sad and emotional saying goodbye. Jess doesn't have many people in her life who genuinely understand her and choose to spend time with her, and who also clearly enjoys being with her. It was such a shame for Jess to be losing someone like Sam from her life. And I will miss her too!!

We do however, wish Sam all the best for her new life and travelling adventures. I'm not sure a visit to Hawaii is possible for Jess unfortunately, but we plan to keep in touch!

Good luck Sam, have lots of fun!!!