Saturday, 18 July 2015



Siblings of children with special needs or disabilities have a unique childhood.  Anna is Jess's little sister and has just turned 3. Occasionally she comes out with something that makes us do a double take:

When an ambulance goes by with it's siren on, Anna asks if Jess is inside it.

When Anna plays 'Doctors and Nurses' at nursery, she tries to give the other children medicine into their tummy buttons [Jess has all her medicines into her gastrostomy]

When she plays 'Doctors and Nurses' at home, the plastic forceps in her medical kit is out on the patient's finger like an oxygen saturation probe.
please note the "oxygen Probe"!!
When told that Jess has a hospital appointment, Anna expresses a preference as to which hospital and ward she would like Jess's appointment to be on, depending on which toys in which playroom she would most like to play with that day.

When Anna hurts herself, even if it is just a tiny scratch, she will try and work out who can come to look after Jess, while I take her to the hospital.
But Anna is also very caring towards Jess. If she is at nursery or at a party, and there are presents or cakes being given out, Anna will always ask for an extra one for her sister. Anna will always come and get me,if I'm not in the room and Jess is upset. She will also go up to Jess and ask her if she is OK, and she very often wants to help when we are looking after Jess, by helping us set up her feed, or helping her get dressed. It is lovely watching their relationship develop, and both enjoy singing and dancing sessions together [with Jess in either her wheelchair or the hoist] and watching "Frozen" many times over.



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  1. What cuties! I've not watched Frozen yet. I'm sure Tessa will like it. I think she's getting a bit tired of Peppa Pig. But giggles when she sees George, lol! Hugs, Ping


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