Saturday, 23 May 2015

There was a LOT of mud...

I blogged here about how our friend Sam and her father were planning to complete a Nuclear Run to raise money for Rett UK. Rett UK is a charity very close to our hearts, and has given us a lot of support, even before Jess was formally diagnosed.

The Nuclear Run that Sam and her family ran was just under 8km long with VERY muddy obstacles to overcome. BUT they did it!!!! And raised nearly £1000 in the process!!!!

We went to watch, and can vouch that this was not an easy run. However, Jess had a lovely day - we set ourselves up next to the last obstacle, which was a 10foot slide into a waist deep pit of mud. Jess found it hilarious watching everyone fall into the mud - especially those who went down the slide very fast, and splashed her with mud, and  those who swore very loudly as they slid down!!! That sums up her sense of humour!!!

We are so touched that Sam and her family decided to do this in honour of Jess. If you would like to donate to say WELL DONE, and help get that total to an amazing £1000, the link to Sam's Just Giving page is here.

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  1. Well done everyone!
    Haha Jess, that's our girl!
    Liz, Jess is looking very young in the blog photos now. Can you send me some new ones, and I'll update them for you? Love to you all, Rxxx


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