Thursday, 11 September 2014


Unlike some Rett girls, Jess had never spoken before she regressed. She very, very occasionally has said the odd word, but I could probably count the number on one hand.
What I will say though, is that they have all been appropriate and in context to the situation. She has said "dog" to a dog, and "Daddy" to her daddy.

Then, this weekend, Jess said "hello", in response to me sitting her on my lap and saying "hello Miss J". I don't know who was more surprised- me or her! I did a quick double take, and then thinking I might have imagined it, asked everyone else in the room if they had heard it, but they hadn't.

But I know I wasn't imagining it, not least due to the expression of both surprise and pride on Jess's face! Every now and then it seems as if all the neurons and proteins in her body line up correctly, if only for a few seconds, allowing a word to slip out, or a hand to do what she wants it to.

Her voice wasn't what I expected though. Obviously I am very familiar with the numerous different sounds she makes, and can often make a good guess as to what they mean. But hearing her say an actual word was different. She sounded very self-assured and grown up. It was a good reminder that she is in there- under all that Rett stuff is a little girl, who understands the world around her, and is growing up fast.