Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Imitation is a huge milestone for babies and children. Copying what they see others do and say is one of the main ways they learn about the world. However, this is not something that Jessica ever did, even before she regressed. Or at least not noticeably.

The other day, I was sitting with Jessica, blowing her kisses and suddenly realised that she was trying to copy me. She was trying so hard, and was so proud of herself when she managed to do it. It is quite subtle, that I will admit. But she is doing it! And even if you can't make out the kisses on the  video below, you will get to see her being very cute!

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  1. Oh yes, that's SO obvious! Even without the explanation, I'd have known what she was doing. What a precious set of videos. And I hear that little Miss Chaos is in good voice too!
    Love to you all from us both,
    R&C XXxx


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