Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Strictly speaking....

Summer has turned to Autumn, the evenings are getting darker, and the age old debate has begun: 'do you watch X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing?"

In our house it is Strictly all the way - I have always loved it, and now both Jessica's little sister  (Little Miss Chaos as she is known, or LMC!) and Jessica love it too. LMC dances, twirls and claps her way around the living room during the dancing, and Jessica giggles the whole way through.

It is an obvious thing for Jessica to enjoy - music, lights, movement, sequins.... all things she loves, put together. And it creates a great family moment, an opportunity for all us girls to bond and enjoy something together. I love it!

Jessica watching Strictly Come Dancing

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Imitation is a huge milestone for babies and children. Copying what they see others do and say is one of the main ways they learn about the world. However, this is not something that Jessica ever did, even before she regressed. Or at least not noticeably.

The other day, I was sitting with Jessica, blowing her kisses and suddenly realised that she was trying to copy me. She was trying so hard, and was so proud of herself when she managed to do it. It is quite subtle, that I will admit. But she is doing it! And even if you can't make out the kisses on the  video below, you will get to see her being very cute!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

When She Cries

I wrote here about the best noise in the world- Jessica laughing. However, the flip side is also true. I really can't stand it when Jessica cries. And we are lucky. Compared to some girls with Rett, Jessica doesn't really cry a lot. I normally manage to take most things in my stride, but Jessica crying is not something I have a coping mechanism for.

But it is not rational. When Jessica's little sister cries (she is 16 months old) I know that it is because she is tired, or because I have taken away the remote control or telephone, saying that they are not a toy. I normally stay very calm and relaxed, knowing the moment will pass; and sometimes mildly amused if it is a relatively minor thing that has caused her to think her world has come to an end.

However, when Jessica cries, it is completely different. Even if I think I know why (if she is tired, for example) I still get very stressed. But what if she is tired and also in pain? Does she want to tell us something or do something and is really angry and frustrated that she can't? Is she bored? Then I go down the path that no parent should ever have to consider...  Does she hate her life? Is her quality of life reasonable? And then the plea (made to whom I don't know!) that this is not the start of typical Rett Girl crying ......

All these thoughts and I am sure that the majority of the time, Jessica is actually upset far less than your average 4 year old, and when she is, it is often because of the same things that cause your average 4 year old to be upset. As I said, we are very lucky that Jess doesn't cry a lot more. And long may it continue, as I don't know how I would cope.