Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Jessica's point of view

While we were away over the summer, we went out for lunch at a pub with an amazing view, next to a river. We choose it especially for Jessica, as she loves the water - either swimming in it, bathing in it, or just looking at it.

We arrived, and carefully positioned Jessica so she was facing the river, but not directly in the sun. However, she immediately started moaning and was clearly not very happy. Bemused, I went over to her and started to ask her what the matter was, and to say that we had come here especially for her, but as I knelt down next to her, I realised what the problem was. This was what she could see:

(I'm sorry this isn't rotated, I really need to learn how to do that!)
After we moved the cutlery out of the way, Jessica was very happy, and ate her lunch enjoying the view:

Lesson learned: always check what Jessica can actually see from her wheelchair!

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