Sunday, 15 September 2013

August 2013

Well, despite normally dreading the school holidays (no groups to go to, friends on holiday, nightmare to leave the house with both Jessica and her little sister and no other adult as both children need assistance to do EVERYTHING, including being carried/pushed), August has gone by in a flash.

Jessica has had a good summer, I think. We went to stay with both sets of grandparents (separately, they live at opposite ends of the UK!) as well as spending time at home in London.

In addition to going to see her favourite story performed at the theatre, Jessica also went to see the The Lion King in London (which she loved- lots of "old" ladies kept tapping me on the shoulder and saying how lovely it was that Jessica was enjoying it so much!) and she also went to a kids' show at the Edinburgh Festival.

We met Father Christmas at the Edinburgh Festival (he was doing a show there, obviously!) Jessica clearly recognised him, and was very excited to see him! We also went to lots of farms, parks, swimming pools and the beach (where she fell asleep!) There were lots of hugs and kisses, and numerous animals which Jessica loved - and she demonstrated the best hand function that I have seen from her in a long time when she wanted to stroke some of the animals.....


  1. How lovely that you have all had a good summer. She is SO MUCH like you Liz!

    1. Ha! Do you think? I've never thought that she looks like either of us, although as she gets older I can possibly see more of me in her. However, Anna looks just like her -but blond!!!


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