Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A colourful day out

This weekend we went to the Colourscape music festival. We had been before, but it was a couple of years ago, when Jessica was just two (and only just diagnosed). However, we all really enjoyed when we went previously, and we thought that Jessica would like it again and that her little sister would find it fun as well.

As part of the experience, you have to put on coloured capes which change shade as you walk through the different coloured domes, and there are musicians and other performers as you go around. While we were queuing outside to go in, we showed Jessica leaflets with photos of the Colourscape, and she became very excited. I can't think that she remembered going before, but maybe she understood that we were going to do something different and exciting.

As predicted, it was brilliant and very "sensory", with all the different colours and the music. Jessica's little sister just ran around laughing (she was on reins as it would have been very easy to lose her in there) and Jessica just loved it. Every time we came to a fork in the tunnel, we tried to let Jess chose which way we would go next -  she seemed to like the red tunnels best! When we got to the centre, there was a music performance going on, which Jessica loved, and also one of the musicians came over and performed a piece especially for her (buggies aren't allowed inside, so it was quite obvious that she was in a wheelchair). Jessica really connected with the musician, with lots of eye contact, smiles and laughter.
Jessica getting excited while waiting to go in


the tunnels that you walk through

Jessica's little sister

Jessica enjoying the music

And for a comparison, here are some pictures of when we went in 2011:

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  1. I remember those photos from last time! A has grown - when did she start walking? What a beautiful experience.


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