Friday, 23 August 2013

Jessica's favourite way to relax!

I posted here how some Rett families often say that they love seeing their girls asleep, as it is the only time their bodies look at rest, and how this is not the case for us as Jessica's sleep is so disturbed.

However, there is one place where Jessica is completely relaxed - in the bath. We have a bath chair for her, to make lifting her in and out slightly easier for us, but this doesn't let Jessica fully recline in the bath. So sometimes, as a special treat, we don't use the seat.

When we place Jessica in the bath, she immediately lies back so her head is in the water. You can then visibly see her relaxing, and the stresses and the strains of the day easing away from her.

(Sorry the photos are not the right way up - I couldn't work out how to rotate them!).


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