Monday, 5 August 2013

Going to the theatre

I love taking Jessica to the theatre – she always seems to enjoy it, and it is one thing she can experience in exactly  the same way as everyone else.

Jessica was lent (given? I'm not sure they are getting it back!) a book by a good friend of ours, called "Room on a Broom". It quickly became a firm favourite -  it is not unheard of for her to request it to be read to her 6+ times in a row, always accompanied by howls of laughter. So when we found it had been turned into a theatre show, we HAD to take her.

During the show, Jessica was very quiet, and at the time I was a bit worried she wasn’t enjoying it as much as I had expected her to. But then that evening, she was on a complete high, and everytime I said the witches’  “magic spell” she dissolved into giggles! So I think she did enjoy it after all.
Sorry the videos are a bit dark, Jessica was supposed to be winding down for bed (!) so we only had a little lamp on!

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