Sunday, 21 July 2013

Too tired to eat and drink

Following my previous post, Jessica barely slept for 10 days. She was exhausted. On day 10, she woke with a temperature of 39 degrees, that Nurofen and Calpol didn’t touch, and she was refusing anything to eat or drink.

We went to the GP, who did all the normal examinations – checked ears, throat, glands, checked for a rash etc but couldn’t find anything wrong. So we went home with the instructions to try to get as much fluid into her as possible. It turned out that this was impossible, and given that this was again one of the hottest days of the year so far, we went back to the doctor, who sent us to the hospital. At the hospital, they again fully examined Jessica and also couldn’t find any cause for her temperature, which disappeared as suddenly as it came on.

Following this, Jessica has pretty much slept on and off (not well, but her usual sleeping pattern) day and night. I don’t know if this is to make up for the lost sleep, or because of the hot weather. She is eating and drinking now, albeit not much, and with some difficulty. I just want my Jessica back and happy.

Postscript: In the time between writing and publishing this post, Jessica seemed to catch up on her sleep, but she still had trouble swallowing (which is something that can happen when she is tired), for a few days. However, thankfully, what ever all that was about seems to be over (for now at least!) and she now is fully back to her normal self!!  

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  1. Oh poor little lassie, and poor all of you. I wonder whether it was the heat? Little bodies don't control their temperatures as well as adults. Was she wearing her back straightening suit? I bet that gets hot.

    Did you get storms last night? I was up from 3:30 till 4am watching it - I LOVE thunderstorms. And it's quite a bit cooler today thankfully. Love to you all XXxx


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