Tuesday, 30 July 2013


A while  ago, I posted here about having to take Jessica to the Special Needs dentist. While we were there, the dentist noted that Jessica had no enamel left on her teeth. She asked about Jessica’s diet (does she drink a lot of fruit juice or fizzy drinks etc? - Jessica doesn’t drink much of anything but definitely not those kinds of drinks!) There was nothing in her diet that could account for the erosion on her teeth, so the dentist asked about reflux. This was following Jessica’s sleep study, where they also asked if Jessica had reflux, due to her very disturbed sleep pattern (see my previous posts here and here about lack of sleep and possible reflux).

Subsequently, Jessica had a pH study, to assess if she does indeed have reflux. This involved a probe being inserted into her nose, and down into her stomach. This probe was attached to a small box that recorded all the information over a 24 hour period. 
I had worried about Jessica having the probe inserted, and who would look after Jessica’s little sister while I took her to the hospital. What I had completely underestimated was the effort it took to keep the probe in place. Between Jessica “bunny-hopping” around the living room, and me having to chase her carrying the box, and Jessica’s little sister trying to pull the probe out, it was a miracle that it stayed in for the full 24 hours!
But it did stay in, and yes, it turns out that Jessica has extremely severe reflux. Which is good to know, as now she can be treated for it, but devastating to think that all this time she has been in such pain and we didn’t realise. Jessica has now been started on a variety of anti-reflux medication, which appears to have made a bit of difference at night. However, I am sure that reflux doesn’t account for all her sleeping issues – I think there is also a neurological element to them, but I hope that at least she won’t be in pain anymore.

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  1. Oh poor little lamb. Thank goodness she's being treated now though - well done you for getting that done and making sure it stayed in place!

    Is there any way you can get her to drink more? Being properly hydrated is SO important.


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