Friday, 10 May 2013

She is just a typical 3 year old girl

Sometimes, well quite regularly actually, Jessica tells/reminds me that inside, underneath all the Rett-ness, she is just your average 3 year old girl.

If Jessica wants to request something; a book, a toy, a drink etc, she will look at what she wants (we are trying to get her to then look back at an adult to make it more obvious, although she doesn’t always do this) or she will reach out with her hand and touch what she wants.

I don't like saying "no" to Jessica when she has asked for something, given the effort it will have taken her to be understood, and I obviously want to encourage her to initiate communication. However, sometimes circumstances and time constraints mean I have to.  Consequently, I can find myself saying things like “No Jessica, you can’t watch television, you need to get ready for nursery” or “No Jessica, you can’t play with your toy at the moment, you need to eat your breakfast”. And then I catch myself. These are normal interactions between  parents and their children. There must be thousands of parents saying those exact lines every morning!

More recently, Jessica was getting really upset at breakfast time, and I couldn’t work out why. Eventually I realised that it was because we were giving Jessica’s little sister Cheerios as finger food as well as her porridge, but we were just giving Jessica her porridge. I was worried that Jessica was upset that she can’t feed herself, but no. As long as I put some Cheerios in her porridge, she is happy. She just didn’t want to be missing out!

Every morning Jessica will choose what top she wants to wear from a choice of 2 or 3. However, I can normally predict which one she will pick. It will invariably be the one that is the most pink, or the most girly, or the most sparkly one on offer! Whilst shopping the other day, I let Jessica choose her new shoes – they were all of the same style but in different designs. These are the shoes that she chose:
She is just a typical 3 year old girl inside. We just need to find more ways to allow her to communicate it.



  1. Your daughter is beautiful! This post takes me back, age 3 is such a rough year on the typical forefront it's hard and rett doesn't make it any easier. Jessica is lucky to have you telling her no and giving her choices and she has great taste in shoes :-)


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