Saturday, 9 March 2013

Scoliosis photos

Following my previous post on Jessica's scoliosis, here are the photos that I couldn't upload before.
The first photo shows how Jessica has adjusted to the curve in her spine, and now leans to the left when sitting or being held in a standing position.
The second photo shows Jessica in her lycra body suit. You can see how it forces her to sit in a different position, as it pulls her spine back into alignment.
Jessica leaning to the left because of the curve in her spine
Jessica sitting up straight in her lycra body suit, designed to correct her scoliosis


  1. What an innovation, and how far things have come since I was in school. One of my classmates had a scoliosis that was only picked up by the mandatory chest x-ray when she became a boarder. She had to wear a restrictive torso "cast" made of plastic. I never heard her complain, but my heart went out to her - it looked SO uncomfortable.

  2. Please letme know where to purchase that suit. My son has spina bifida and lives in Texas and that looks like something that would be great for him too. His blog is All the best to you and your journey.

  3. Hi, Jess' was prescribed by her spinal consultant and provided on the NHS. However I know not all areas do this, so you must be able to buy them. They are also used for proprioceptive/sensory input so an OT may know where to source one.... Sorry can't more helpful x


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