Thursday, 21 March 2013

Jessica's favourite colour

Jessica was at music therapy the other day, when the therapist wanted her to participate in an activity using a bell.
The therapist asked me what was Jessica’s favourite colour, as she felt Jessica would be more motivated by a bell in a colour that she liked. I hazarded a guess at red or pink (these are the colour tops she always chooses to wear, but equally most of her clothes are either pink or red, so I am not sure how much this reflects her choices or mine!) But the therapist only had 3 bells- yellow, blue and green. I told Jessica that she had to choose one of these as this was all there was, but she looked at them all, and then pointedly turned them all down.
The therapist then had to go and find a red bell and bring it back for Jessica, who immediately reached out and rang the bell, and started participating in the planned activity! So I guess I was correct that red might be a favourite colour!!


  1. Haha! She certainly knows her own mind, doesn't she?

    Just to let you know that we've (at last) sent a donation of £250 to Rett Syndrome Research UK and £50 to Nordoff-Robbins. This is for both their birthdays and Christmas for last year, with apologies for it being so late. I'm thankful that we waited though, because the good news is that Chris's company will now match the donation, and they will get Gift Aid as well. We're both thrilled to bits about that!

    1. Hi there,

      I am so sorry I have not replied before now; I have been slightly distracted by a small outbreak of chicken pox in our house!

      Wow! When you said you were going to make some donations, I had no idea you meant that kind of amount. That is so very kind of you, and to have them matched by Chris's company is amazing. Thank you so much xxx


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