Friday, 15 March 2013

All you need is wet wipes

I know that some people can get very stressed at the mess feeding children can cause, and those who know me will be aware that, I too, can be a bit OCD about these things !
However, it is the clearing up of the mess that I am fussy about, rather than the actual making of the mess.  
But if a problem can be solved with a change of clothes and a packet of wet wipes, then there are bigger things in life to be worried about!!

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  1. Hi Liz. Today I finally got the chance to sit down and start reading your blog. This one brought a tear to my eye. In the early days I used to cringe if Tara split food outside her high chair. Now when I look back, I think to myself 'That wasn't even an issue; today if Tara is able to take in a few spoons of food regardless of how much mess she makes, or how much time she takes, then she's done a wonderful job'.


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