Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jessica's new bed

Jessica has a new bed. It has become a bit of a tourist attraction in our house; anyone who comes round has to go and see it (the downside of this is that I now need to tidy the whole house for visitors, not just the living room!) It is an amazing piece of equipment.

Up to now, she has been sleeping in a normal cot-bed with the cot sides still on. But she was getting too big for it, and too heavy for us to be able to lift her in and out safely.

However, it was not obvious what was needed to replace it. We needed something that made lifting her in and out easier, but a single bed with standard cot sides wouldn’t be safe for Jessica. This is because she will often go into a high kneeling position and also has no sense of danger, meaning she would topple over the top.  The new bed goes up and down at the push of a button, it has (very)high cot sides that Jessica can’t fall over the top of, which are also padded but with a couple of windows for her to see out off. The doors also fold back to expose the whole side so we can get her in and out easily. In essence, it is exactly what we needed.

Sleeping arrangements when we go away have also posed a bit of a challenge. As already explained, a single bed is not safe for Jessica, yet she is too big for a cot and a mattress on the floor would just mean she would spend the entire night crawling around the bedroom!  Anyone who knows my husband and I will know that we are couple who have the travelling bug. We are obviously limited at present as to what and where we can go, just by essence of having two small children. BUT we are not going to let Rett Sndrome limit us even more, so a solution had to be found, and this special needs bed has met all our needs.


So, sleeping arrangements all sorted. We just need to work out how to make her sleep now!

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  1. Love it Liz- looks like Jessica does too! Xx

  2. Have just discovered your new blog - it looks great! And this bed is amazing. Sounds like Jessica's doing really well. xx


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