Saturday, 23 February 2013

Going to the theatre

Jessica loves anything different and out of her normal routine. She is also a bit of an adrenaline seeker (I put this down to having no sense of fear:  this is useful in that you can do lots of fun things with her, but also a liability as she has no sense of danger so will just crawl off the edge of the bed, or sofa etc.)  So loud noises, the highest slide, the bounciest see-saw are always going to be big hits. I decided that she might like the theatre show Stomp, which is on in London’s West End at the moment. I did have an ulterior motive here in that I have wanted to see it for ages, but have never been! The theatre was very old and not very accommodating in terms of wheelchair access, but the booking staff were brilliant and gave us the best seats to suit our needs. Despite it being a matinee, there weren’t that many children there, and out of the ones that were, Jessica was by far the youngest. She was clearly very excited when we sat down, and once it started, she didn’t take her eyes off the stage. There were a few atmospheric quiet bits that I was a bit nervous about, as Jessica has a tendency to make loud excited screeches, but she was mesmerised. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, and at one point was banging her hands on her knees in time to the beat!  
It made me think that I must do more things like this with her. More things that are different to her daily routine (as she clearly loves that) and more things that can stimulate her and entertain her. She obviously finds it difficult to entertain herself and, even with assistance, everyday toys can be a challenge for her, so I think it is really important to do other things like this. And I realise that I am very lucky that she doesn’t need a strict routine, and that she has a clear sense of adventure!

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  1. I'm so envious - I would LOVE to see Stomp! What a lovely treat for you both. Thank goodness she was quiet - haha!


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